on january 30 2014 confederation

On January 30, 2014 Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists of Turkiye (TUSKON) welcomed Indian businessmen delegation with the organization of TICCI (Turkiye - India Chamber of Commerce and industry). TICCI Vice President Mehmet Ali Seker participated to the serious of programmes in Turkiye with 7 businesspeople from India, who are concerning in furniture and carpet industry.

In the forum section, Mr. Murat Atakan Kayalar, who is the board member of TUSKON, stated that they aimed to increase the trade volume between India and Turkey by means of such kind of trade delegations as it is currently $ 6.3 billion. He briefly gave some information about Tuskon and talked about organized Investment and Trade Delegations to India by Tuskon and its associations so far. He also mentioned about some key facts and figures regarding the furniture industry in Turkey and explained possible opportunities between the countries thereto. Then the B2B section of the event took place in Tuskon premises.


On January 31, 2014, Inegol industrialists and Businessmen Association (INSIAD), which is a member of TUSKON, hosted the delegation of Indian businessmen and organized bilateral talks with the Turkish businessmen in Bursa, Inegol where is one of the leading industrialized places regarding furniture sector. INSIAD President and TUSKON board member Ahmet Akiskali noted that till now they organized furniture forums in Algeria, Egypt, Russia, and finally in India in order to make Turkish furniture industry known by the world.

During their visit in Turkiye, Indian businessmen totally made around 500 bilateral meetings with their 63 Turkish counterparts.

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